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Huey Lewis Fun Facts/Anserwed questions

These are some fun facts about Huey Lewis and the News, they also include some shocking answered questions, like what was Huey's real name?

Who wrote the band's first hit 'Do you believe in love'?   
            Robert 'Mutt' Lange. 'Mutt' Lange who has written for and produced for many popular artists including his gorgeous wife Shania Twain. Lucky guy!

      Who backed out of 'We are the World' at the last minute in 1985 allowing Huey to have a solo line?   

      Which song wasen't a top 40 hit?
            'Workin for a livin'. Seems like it was a top ten hit, they always close their concerts with it, but it only hit number 41 in 1982.

      Which song includes the lyrics 'Sometimes in my bed at night, I curse the dark and I pray for the light, and sometimes the lights no consolation'?
            'Walking on a thin line'. 'Thin line' was written by two vetnam war vets for a vietnam documentary, they asked Huey to sing the song for it, and in return the band recorded the song for the sports album.

      Which music video had the band playing in a garbage dump?
            'Perfect World'. PU!, lol.

      Which music video had the band members (except for Huey) buried in the sand with their heads sticking out in a row?
            'If this is it'.

      Which bandmember, who always wore shades and leather and constantly had a cigarette butt dangling from his mouth was the News' bassist till he left the band in early '95'?
            Mario Cippolina. Mario was the tall, lean, italian dude with the long sideburns. He Left the band shortly after the making of 4 chords and several years ago.

      Which band member who played lead guitar left the band in early 2000, and was replaced by Stef Burns who played for Alice Cooper and appeared in 'Wayne's World'?
            Chris Hayes. Chris 'the kid' Hayes left the band after 20 years.

      What was the original name of the band?
            Huey Lewis and the American Express. They had to change their name to avoid a lawsuit, I guess Karl Malden squealed on them.

      What was the name of Huey Lewis and the News's first album in 1980?   
            'Huey Lewis and the News'. Their self titled debut didn't chart. Their second album 'Picture This' hit the top 20 with the help of hits 'Do you believe in love', and 'Workin for a livin'.

      What was the band's first number 1 hit?
            'The power of love'. 'The power of love from' the movie 'Back to the future' was the first of 3 number one hits for the band according to Billboard, going to number 1 for 2 weeks in the summer of '85'

      What is Huey's real name?
            Hugh Cregg. He changed his name after people started calling him Huey Louie, which became Huey.

      What instrument is Huey famous for playing?
            Harmonica. Huey taught himself how to play while hitchiking across Europe after he had dropped out of college.

      The video 'Doing it all for my baby' parodies what traditional monster movie?
            Frankenstien. Huey played 3 rolls in the video. Himself, Dr. Frankenstien, and the famous monster.

      The same actress (Signey Coleman), who has recently played a blind woman on the soap 'The young and the restless' starred in two of the bands music videos. One was 'I want a new drug' what was the other video?   
            'Heart and Soul'.

      Huey costarred in the movie 'Duets' and sang a duet, Smokey Robinson's 'Crusin', with what popular actress?
            Gwyneth Paltrow. 'Cruisin' got pretty good air play and made the top 5 on the adult contemporary chart.

      Huey played a hick fisherman in what 1993 Robert Altman movie?   
            Short cuts. Huey got to co-star with Lilly Tomlin, Buck Henry, and Tim Robbins. Not too shabby!

      Huey co-produced whose debut CD?
            Bruce Hornsby. Hornsby wrote the hit 'Jacob's Ladder' for Huey and played the accordian on 'Old Antone's' from the band's 'Small World' album in 1988.

      How many top ten hits do the band have to date?

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